Alicedoodle Dog Services

Dog Boarding and Walking

Who They Are

Alicedoodle is run by Josie Swift in Faversham in Kent. She specialises in a friendly dog walking and boarding services, giving the dogs a home away from home as opposed to a more traditional kennels.

How We Helped

We took Josie’s dog, Alice, and drew a doodle version of her above a playful typeset. We then took those and made some beautiful business cards.

What We’ve Done

  • A brand new logo
  • Various branding materials such as Cards and Van Signage

Links – (not by us)

“Completely re-branded my dog walking/boarding business – Alicedoodle Dog Services – with excellent results, I would highly recommend. Dovetail were supportive and flexible, kept in contact throughout the process and were an absolute joy to work with. I can’t thank them enough for their creative and inspired logo design right through to website support and van signage. Such a fantastic company. 5 Stars.”