April’s Music Rotation

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Music

We’re huge fans of music here at Dovetail (who isn’t really…), and we have pretty eclectic taste. So we thought we’d make public the music we’re playing at the moment. Below are links to the Dovetail: Current Rotation playlist in Apple Music and Spotify (take your pick!).

This will update over time, but here we are at the moment! For best results, listen in the order prescribed.

Some Listening Notes

For You – Prince 
Ah, the track Prince chose to introduce himself to the world with. Everything you hear on this track is Prince. Heck, everything on the album is Prince. Let that sink in. This acapella masterpiece was recorded by one 17 year old kid. Mental.

Thank You for Talkin’ to Me, Africa – Sly & The Family Stone 
I don’t feel I need to write much about this. Just enjoy the funky, Larry Graham driven groove.

Entre parantheses – Gilles Rivard
This appeared on my personal Apple Music radio station not too long ago, and it really struck a chord (ha pun) with me. I feel like the sun is shining when I listen to this. Like I’m in the middle of an old Peter Sellers movie. I love it.

Nothing Compares 2 U – Prince (Original Version)
It’s been a couple of years now since Prince died, and it still feels pretty raw that I’ll never get to see him play live again. Released very recently, this is the original version he recorded for himself. And it’s amazing. Honestly incredible. I’ll leave it at that I think.

Oh! You Pretty Things – Lisa Hannigan
Yeah, I know having a cover of this song rather than Bowie’s original may be seen as sacrilege by some, however after hearing this version on the TV Show Legion (which I’ll write more on), it feels like a completely different song. Which I guess is the sign of a good cover. Haunting and beautiful.

Walking All Day – Graham Coxon
Another song from a TV show, Graham Coxon’s jaunty little number juxtaposes brilliantly which the very dark comedy it’s from. The slide guitar is just brilliant.

Mr Tillman – Father John Misty
It’s a Father John Misty song. That’s about all there is to write.

Tomorrow Never Came – Lana Del Rey feat. Sean Ono Lennon
Lana Del Rey isn’t really my cup of tea, however when I saw that her latest album had a bunch of features on it like Stevie Nicks and Sean Lennon, I thought I’d give it a listen. Most of the songs just don’t stick with me to be honest, but this one is one of my favourites from last year. It’s got a proper Beatles vibe to it.

Rising Sun – George Harrison
This also has a Beatles vibe to it. Curious.

Last Train to London – ELO
This song is strange. It has a very similar bass line to Billy Jean. That’s probably why I think it’s strange. But I love the chorus. And the verse. I guess I kinda like it all really. ELO. Everyones third favourite band.

I’ll See You In My Dreams (Live) – Joe Brown
The Concert for George album has recently been added to streaming services, so I’ve been listening to it quite heavily recently (it’s fantastic), however this one hits me hard. It’s emotional, sad, and happy at the same time. And when those strings come in later. Damn.

The Wave – Cool Company
Another summer song. Did you know that we had four days of summer here in Margate? It was pretty good actually.

If I Had to Write a Song About You – Aaron Taylor
In a world where D’Angelo releases music once every 126 years, I’m really happy we have people like Aaron Taylor around to help get our fix of that beautiful Neo-Soul sound. Explore this guys catalog. It’s very good.

Get Out of My Life Woman – Allen Toussaint
I’m a sucker for some New Orleans style jazz. And good piano playing. I may be the only one that has time for this. But I think it’s wonderful.

Until next time guys, Dovetail out.

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