About Dovetail

Course you wanna know a bit more.

“Why should the good design be left to the big companies?”


Isaac Pevy, the guy behind Dovetail, thought this was unfair, and decided to start Dovetail, with a view to helping local businesses and start ups have a great brand identity within a reasonable budget. That’s the whole ethos behind what we do. 

But… Why the name “Dovetail”?


Smashing question. The Dovetail Joint is one of the many joints that requires immense precision in order for it to work – a brilliant attention to detail and the skill in order to execute the actual joint. That’s what we want to achieve here with every project we do – a fine attention to detail and eye for design, along with the skill to implement it exactly in a way that works for you and your business. 

That, and it just sounds cool.  But mainly the other bit.